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 Gang Information & Rules

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PostSubject: Gang Information & Rules   Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:05 pm

Gang Information & Discussion

Families/Gangs Rules

Hello there.

I'm going to help all the gang leaders (R5+) today, by showing some good information about "How to lead a gang?". For sure, leading a gang isn't an easy thing to be done. Moreover, we've some
work we would love seeing when giving a gang slot.

Firstly, we would love seeing you roleplaying the thing in the right way. So a "Mafia" shouldn't be tagging walls. Moreover, another thing which is you should always be releated to your gang in such a good way.

Also, we love seeing you roleplaying in a good way, in which you don't ruin any kind of gang rules. Also, before inviting somebody, you should be testing their loyality in a somehow way they don't notice it. They're joining a notorious gang, which requires trust.


When roleplaying, we would love seeing you roleplay in a very good way. So actually, we don't love seeing somebody who roleplays this way in a gang

Quote :
John Doe tags
Done ((John Doe))

But this way;

Quote :
John Doe moves his hand upwards towards the wall - holding a spraycan as he approaches towards the wall slowly
John Doe raises his finger rapidly - as he clicks the button - starts tagging over the wall
You would see me tagging for Grove Street Families ((John Doe))

Moreover, we would always love seeing you testing your members in a good way through the ranks up. As an example, you're expecting to give a rank up to a member soon.
So as of that, you take him to some way a roleplay of your gang. In which adds more roleplay to the community, makes it fit better.[/font]

In example: John Doe is expected to be promoted soon.

Quote :

Carter Smith: Johnhead to da' hood, we got some work cracka'
John Doe: On da' way to da' hood.

Carter Smith moves his hand towards John's issue - as he speaks slowly - cracking a smile
Carter Smith:John, chu' ready nigga'?
John Doe: Indeed, nigga'.

Carter Smith extends his hand towards the car trunk as he opens it slowly - looks around inspecting the location
You would see a dead body. ((Carter Smith))
Carter Smith: To the nearest ocean, we go and throw dis' shit nigga'.
John Doe: Imma' always ready boss.

-Drives to the ocean-
Carter Smith extends his hand towards the car trunk - as he opens it slowly - moving the dead body out on the floor
The body would fall down on the floor rapidly ((Carter Smith))
Carter Smith: Do chu' work, nigga'.
John Doe: Count him burried, boss.

John Doe moves his hand towards the dead body - as he moves him slowly towards the ocean - throws him in the water slowly
The body would sink in the water slowly ((John Doe))

Mass Recruitting Rule:
About mass recruitting, anybody who will be caught mass recruitting is to be banned from gang leaders rank as stated over the server offenses.

Capturing Points:

  • Every gang is allowed to capture up to three points, capturing more than that is moving you to getting banned from a gang leader rank (R5+), your gang getting striked.

Thats an example. More is to be announced soon.
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Gang Information & Rules
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