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 Gang Creation Format & Requirements

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PostSubject: Gang Creation Format & Requirements   Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:03 pm

Gang Creation Rules & Format

Welcome to the Gang Management of Justice Roleplay. Hello there,

We would like to announce all about the formats & rules releated to the gang creation. Holding a gang slot isn't an easy thing to do. Therefore, we are going to tell you about what should we see when applying.

  • Dedication to the theme you are applying for

You must be dedicated to theme you are applying forward to own, therefore you must roleplay the thing your gang is actually releated to.
Also, all your members must be dedicated to your theme, and only yours. So, we don't expect seeing a gang application with members in other factions or families.

  • Unique Choice of Theme

When choosing a theme, we would love always seeing something unique, that might have not been used in before. That increases your chances, if you're roleplaying enough for it.

Gang Application Format:


[*]Gang Name:
[*]Gang Leader/Level
Co Gang Leader/Level

[*]Background of the gang theme (Story - 1000-1500 words)

[*]Rank Names


1- Vehicle Name/ID/Color ID
2- Vehicle Name/ID/Color ID
3- Vehicle Name/ID/Color ID
4- Vehicle Name/ID/Color ID
5- Vehicle Name/ID/Color ID
6- Vehicle Name/ID/Color ID
7- Vehicle Name/ID/Color ID
8- Vehicle Name/ID/Color ID

[*]Skins/Family Clothes:
1- Skin ID
2- Skin ID
3- Skin ID
4- Skin ID
5- Skin ID
6- Skin ID
7- Skin ID
8- Skin ID

[*]OOC Gang Rules:

[*]IC Gang Rules:

The titles can be changed using GFX, this also increases the chances.
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Gang Creation Format & Requirements
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