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 Gang Locker System

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PostSubject: Gang Locker System   Fri Sep 02, 2016 12:14 am

Justice Roleplay
Gang Locker System

Greetings followers of Justice Roleplay, i'd like to announce on behalf of the Department of Development that we've successfully created the Gang Locker System.
This system allows the Gang/Family members to store/withdraw weapons, Any kind of drugs (pot, crack, heroin) and materials with no limit.
Every family will get their own locker and this can be created by the Gang Management.


Administrator Commands:
1- /flockernext This will show you the next available Gang Locker.
2- /flockeredit This will allow you to edit the position, family and delete it.
3- /gotoflocker This will allow you to go to the Gang Locker.

Player Commands:
/glocker to switch into your locker or Press 'Y' to switch into it as well.

NOTE: It's just the first version, the next version will allow the Gang Leader to edit the permissions to who can access into it.
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Gang Locker System
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