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 Account Support Request

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PostSubject: Account Support Request   Thu Sep 01, 2016 5:42 pm

Customer Support

Help Topic:

  • Account Issue
  • Administrative Request
  • Connection Issue
  • Forum Request
  • Password Reset Request
  • Refund Request

Contact Information
Roleplay Name: *ANSWER*
Email Address: *ANSWER HERE*

Ticket Details
Forum Profile Link: *ANSWER HERE*
Issue Summary: *ANSWER HERE*
Issue Details *ANSWER HERE*

[u][b]Customer Support[/b][/u]

[color=#EEEEEE][b][u]Help Topic:[/u][/b][/color]
[*]Account Issue
[*]Administrative Request
[*]Connection Issue
[*]Forum Request
[*]Password Reset Request
[*]Refund Request

[b][u]Contact Information[/u][/b]
[color=#EEEEEE][b]Roleplay Name:[/b][/color] [color=#FF0000]*ANSWER*[/color]
[color=#EEEEEE][b]Email Address:[/b][/color] [color=#FF0000]*ANSWER HERE*[/color]

[b][u]Ticket Details[/u][/b]
[color=#EEEEEE][b]Forum Profile Link:[/b][/color] [color=#FF0000]*ANSWER HERE*[/color]
[color=#EEEEEE][b]Issue Summary:[/b] [/color] [color=#FF0000]*ANSWER HERE*[/color]
[color=#EEEEEE][b]Issue Details[/b][/color] [color=#FF0000]*ANSWER HERE*[/color]

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Account Support Request
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